Finding A Local Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are searching for a bankruptcy lawyer, the chances are it is because of your financial issues. Therefore, you would prefer one that is affordable. Those debtors in need of a few tips when it comes to finding bankruptcy attorneys online need look no further: this article will spell out exactly how to plan your search.

Online Research

By using an online legal directory, you can easily narrow down the list of prospects in your local area. The first online resource every potential bankruptcy applicant should utilize is Google. By using such search terms as “affordable bankruptcy lawyers DC” or “cheap DC bankruptcy attorney” and adding your local zip, city, and state, the website will return many of the options in your area.

Google Map of DC AreaBecause companies have to register with Google maps to be featured in such searches, only those lawyers with world wide web savvy and marketing know-how are likely to appear. This bodes well for them, as it makes a statement about an office’s knowledge of modern technology.

Click on any of the markers that show up on the map, and a physical address, phone, and website address will appear. A comparable search can be done via Yahoo local listings.


Another popular option is the Martindale-Hubbell legal network, located at This is the online translation of the well-known attorney directory, which allows users to make use of a “lawyer locator.” When using this search, do not fill in the line that asks for the name of a lawyer or law firm. Fill in the box for your city and select the state, this way you will be able to access all of the names in your area. If it is not already filled in, change the country to “United States,” and be sure to select “bankruptcy” under areas of practice. Click “go” and the list you need should readily appear. If you find there are not enough options in your immediate area, return to the page with the search options and check out the directories for neighboring towns or cities.

Find Law

There is one more excellent online source you can use for your search:, the website of Find Law directory. This, the online version of the West Legal Directory, offers a “search for a lawyer” function. Fill in the “legal issue” box with “bankruptcy,” and supply the site with your city in the location box. Add your state and zip code to make the search as accurate as possible. Ask the search to “Find lawyers” by clicking on the appropriate tab or pressing enter. A list of local lawyers should appear. Once again, if the list seems a bit on the light side, try searching neighboring cities or simply by zip code. This search informs you which attorneys offer a free consultation; do not be afraid to take up as many of these offers as you have time for.

Because filing for bankruptcy is a stressful task in itself, do not bog yourself down further with a lawyer that does not make you feel comfortable. Do as much homework as you can surrounding the attorneys in your area, and choose one that is right for you, and your budget.